The Tresise-Pollard Collection

Portion of an 1885 Railways Department map (no. 10) drawn as part of the tender specifications (Contract no. 2378) for the
building of the Creswick-Daylesford section of the Ballarat-Daylesford line

This illuminating map shows:

  • the proximity of the Tresise home to the Smith farm.  Richard and Dinah Tresise's daughter Jane married William and Anne Smith's son William in 1890;
  • the route of the new railway line which cut a swathe through the Smith farm and clipped off a corner of William Pollard's property;
  • the proximity of Smith's Creek to the Smith farm, suggesting that the creek derived its name from the farm.
Although it is not fully shown on this portion of the map, both Sullivan and East Streets are annotated "Township Boundary".  Thus the Tresise home lay in the far south-eastern corner of the then township of Daylesford.
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Smith's Creek neighbourhood, 1885

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   Portion of a Department of Lands & Survey map showing Richard Tresise's 1872 Crown Grant land purchase in East Street, Daylesford.

   Portion of a Railways Department 1885 map showing the Tresise land and buildings in East Street and the proximity of William Pollard's land and buildings.

   YOUR NEXT MAP:  Portion of a modern Daylesford tourist map showing  the location of East Street.

   Modern-day Smith's Creek locality, photographed April, 2000.

   Newspaper item listing Richard's 1872 land purchase.

   Sections of baby Dinah's 1863 and baby Jane's 1867 birth registrations showing Richard's signature and the tragic early loss of Tresise children's lives.  (There are two images on this page.)

   Daughter Ellen's signature (and husband's) on 1881 marriage register.

   Daughter Jane's signature (and husband's) on 1890 marriage register.

   The Finding of the Magisterial Inquiry into Dinah's 1899 death.

   'The Daylesford Herald' snippet regarding Dinah's death.

   'The Daylesford Herald' snippet regarding Richard's 1903 death.

   Grandson Reginald Smith's WW1 enlistment recorded in 'The Daylesford Advocate'.

   Reginald's departure from Daylesford for WW1 service.

   Daughter Jane's 1918 funeral notice.

   Jane's grave, Daylesford Cemetery.

   Son-in-law William's 1940 death notice.

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