The Tresise-Pollard Collection


A collection of nineteen images and fourteen related  links arising from the lives of Richard Tresise (1826-1903) and his wife Dinah, nee Pollard (1826-1899)

Richard and Dinah were mid-nineteenth century English migrants to Australia. 

From Cornwall via South Australia and then Egerton, near Ballarat, they ultimately settled in Daylesford, Victoria.

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Internal Links of the Tresise-Pollard Collection

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   Portion of a Department of Lands & Survey map showing Richard Tresise's 1872 Crown Grant land purchase in East Street, Daylesford.

   Portion of a Railways Department 1885 map showing the Tresise land and buildings in East Street and the proximity of William Pollard's land and buildings.

   Portion of a Railways Department 1885 map showing the relationship of Tresise land and buildings, Smith land and buildings, Smith's Creek, William Pollard's land and buildings and the route of the Daylesford to Ballarat line.

   Portion of a modern Daylesford tourist map showing  the location of East Street.

   Modern-day Smith's Creek locality, photographed April, 2000.

   Newspaper item listing Richard's 1872 land purchase.

   Sections of baby Dinah's 1863 and baby Jane's 1867 birth registrations showing Richard's signature and the tragic early loss of Tresise children's lives.  (There are two images on this page.)

   Daughter Ellen's signature (and husband's) on 1881 marriage register.

   Daughter Jane's signature (and husband's) on 1890 marriage register.

   The Finding of the Magisterial Inquiry into Dinah's 1899 death.

   'The Daylesford Herald' snippet regarding Dinah's death.

   'The Daylesford Herald' snippet regarding Richard's 1903 death.

   Grandson Reginald Smith's WW1 enlistment recorded in 'The Daylesford Advocate'.

   Reginald's departure from Daylesford for WW1 service.

   Daughter Jane's 1918 funeral notice.

  Jane's grave, Daylesford Cemetery.  (Two images)

  Son-in-law William's 1940 death notices.


External links 

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   1871 Cornwall Census detailing Dinah's parents and sister (Folio 76, Page 25, Record 114)..

   Description of Cornwall.

   Cornwall, Map.

   Detailed information about Penzance, Richard's birthplace.

   Detailed information about Gulval, Dinah's birthplace.

   Detailed information about Madron, Richard and Dinah's marriage place.

   Penzance, in relation to Madron and Gulval, modern Map.

   International Genealogical Index, via FamilySearch. (Note:  For Dinah, use 'Diana' if 'Dinah' does not produce a result.)

   Daylesford located in relation to Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne and Bendigo, Map.

   Reginald Smith's official WW1 records.

   Reginald Smith's burial record at Springvale Botanical Cemetery, and his life-partner Dorothy's record.  They are buried in the same location.  A photograph of the plaques at the location can be viewed here on a related page.

   Australian Lions' tribute to grandson William Tresise MBE.

   Great grandson Max Tresise, and wife Sally  -  1961 Melbourne outer-eastern suburban pioneers.

   The Smith-Bullas Collection.  This is a separate but related collection in the same series.  Richard and Dinah's daughter Jane married William Smith in 1890.  His parents were William and Anne Smith, nee Bullas.

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