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v NZ in Perth, Australia, 2001

The Three Cricketeers

This is Lucky Phil!  by Luke Gillian 30/11/01 14:42:18

Celebrations are a must, even with the opposition! Phil (right) from Wellington, has followed New Zealand around the world for the past few years, supporting a few mates in the side, and has been enjoying his time in Australia with the Kiwis and Mark (middle) and myself in Brisbane and last week in Hobart. The weather hasn't been too kind to us over the tour but that doesn't prevent the consumption of a few beers at the end of a good day's play, especially for Phil when the chance has come to raise the glass for an admirable Kiwi performance! He's just lucky it didn't rain all day on Day One in Perth!

Trans-Tasman conviviality

Farewell Phil!  by Luke Gillian 05/12/01 03:48:44

And so comes to an end the first test series of the summer! And what better way to celebrate the winning of 'cricket' than having a few jars in the member's bar at the tea break! Though there was still much to play for the remainder of the day, Mark, Phil and I took time out from 'waving the flag' in the terraces to clink glasses a few times to pre-empt the night that followed! The night that did follow this epic test match is most certainly another tale, but before that we wish Phil safe travels and thank he and 'Tracy' (absent, but another postcard of her to come) for coming over! Alas for Phil and New Zealand, they must wait until February 2005 to take another shot at the trophy! Even at this early stage, we're looking forward to heading across the Tasman once more!

2001 First NZ Test - Brisbane

2001 Second SA Test - Melbourne

2002 Second Eng Test - Adelaide

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