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Fun in Mumbai & Nagpur - 2001

Arrival in Mumbai

Arrival - Mumbai's International Airport  by Luke Gillian
18/02/01 16:29:33

Mumbai’s International Airport welcomes flights from all over the world at anytime after dark and most likely after midnight. It doesn’t make a calming entrance into one of the world’s great cities but when you do have a mate on your side, you can see the funny side of things and also share the cost of the 32km taxi downtown.

You can only travel by prepaid taxis from the airport. You can struggle getting to the public railway station 4km away for a more inexpensive journey but you will miss the wild ride, into an uncountable community, that can be hair raising as your driver dodges between vehicles that the more conservative wouldn’t, cows, dogs and children literally playing in the traffic.

Mark -pictured above- on his first visit to India, like most couldn’t quite believe the plethora of animalia and pandemonium filling the streets at such late hours. With an incessant blowing horn, the affable and quiet Mr Shah delivered us with precision to Mumbai, even at one point taking a chicane that just wasn’t there. On an open stretch of two-lane highway with only our taxi to be seen Mr Shah weaved the car with authority through the ‘S’ bend, straightened and continued. Mark and I looked at each for explanation. All I could offer was, "India!"

Wedding dance procession in Nagpur

Strangers in a Strange Land; at a Wedding!
by Luke Gillian, 19/02/01 13:35:45
There is nothing in the central Indian city of Nagpur!  Nothing to see!  Nothing to do!  [ this story]

Mark and Wasa

1st Test Mumbai, days of rest.
by Luke Gillian, 03/03/01 13:50:00
As much as we like to see as much cricket as possible, a day off, well in this case, two days off, is always appreciated (a win is a win!).  More often than not following a schedule doesn't allow a great deal of spare time to see the country, or even the city the game is played in, so with Australia crushing India as they did, day 4 and day 5 were, [ this story]

In the stands in India

On the Indian trains

Bradman dies

Return to Mumbai, 2004




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