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by Luke Gillian , 01/03/01 22:40:30

Me: "So Mark, day three of this first test match, Australia still in command with a 115 run first innings lead. How do you see the outcome?" - Mark: "Well, I've got absolutely no idea, it's a funny old game cricket, as they say, Sachin is out there, anything is possible. Big chance of it being over by tea. I'll concur with the general feeling among the lads here in the terrace." - Me: "Now this is almost a last minute decision to come to India, tell me you immediate thoughts on the country as a whole." - Mark: "I love it. I'm living the dream, I would not be dead for quids, I wouldn't be anywhere else, and bring on the Poms, and bring on the SAf's (South African's) this time next year." - Me: "What was the clincher for you to come?" - Mark: "Awesome. I've no idea. I'm easily inspired, what can I say? And having watched your good self on the box for the last six years, it didn't take too much to convince me and a couple of sleepness nights through the third test in Adelaide probably just about clinched it for me, so I have you to thank very, very much." - Me: "And you are not disappointed in anyway." - Mark: "I love every aspect of it. We've had things thrown at us, we've been abused left right and centre. We get 'Aussies Suck' day in day out but I just say bring it on Baby!" - Me: "Cheer loudly, Thanks Mark."

A Postcard of Inspiration from Smithy
by Mark Smith, 03/03/01 10:34:45
Well, this is it. Being my first international tour, I now have a definitive "cricket highlight" for anyone who asks me that question now.  [ this story]

Alone in the Garden of Eden
by Mark Smith, 19/03/01 09:23:51
"Go Tugga! Go Dizzy! Go Pidgee!"  [ this story]

'Twas the Night before all my Christmases!
by Mark Smith, 15/07/01 15:23:29
Well folks, we're at it again. Yes, the Ashes tour is finally upon us and let me tell you, excitement and anticipation are at fever pitch here in England.  [ this story]

The First Day of the First Test!
by Mark Smith, 15/07/01 15:48:05
427 runs, 12 wickets and 1 pint of lager. What an idyllic day we had here in Edgbaston.  [ this story]

Edgbaston, First Test, Day 2
by Mark Smith, 15/07/01 15:54:47
Day one of the test was, as we all know, just scintillating. On a hot, bright and balmy Summerís day, the Aussies dominated the contest, only to have the hard work eroded by some whirlwind batting from Caddick and Stewart.  [ this story]

Edgbaston, First Test, Day 3
by Mark Smith, 15/07/01 16:01:38
Today was full of highlights, and an absolute joy to attend. Marto completed his maiden Test century, Gilly demolished the bowling, and Pigeon capped it all off with the formality of Athertonís wicket.  [ this story]

Edgbaston, First Test, Day 4
by Mark Smith, 15/07/01 16:11:41
My first taste of cricket in England has been one of pure pleasure and great privilege. If you are someone even half-considering making the journey ď at least once in your lifeĒ, then start preparing for 2005 right now.  [ this story]

Brizbane Ablaze!
by Mark Smith , 16/11/01 02:40:11
In a game that is so multi-faceted, painted on such a broad canvas, and open to such variability, the First Test in Brisbane was a luminous masterpiece in a gallery of classics that the modern Australians have featured for more than two years now.  [ this story]

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