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v NZ in Brisbane, Australia, 2001

Sunny smile, smitten smirks

Trans Tasman Tracy by Luke Gillian 12/11/01 23:41:10

During last year's Australian Tour of New Zealand, we had the pleasure of meeting the fair Tracy who was collecting money for the NZ Blind Association during each Test and ODI. A very keen cricket follower, Tracy decided last week to jet over from Wellington to see the New Zealand's 3-test series against Australia. Tracy joined Mark (middle), Brett (right) and I in the terraces of 'The Gabba' in Brisbane for the thrilling opening test and we are pleased to know we'll have the pleasure of her company for the next two! At least this time she wasn't walking around with a bucket asking us for cash!!

Rain delay

Brizbane Ablaze!
by Mark Smith 16/11/01 02:40:11
In a game that is so multi-faceted, painted on such a broad canvas, and open to such variability, the First Test in Brisbane was a luminous masterpiece in a gallery of classics that the modern Australians have featured for more than two years now.  [ this story]

2001 Third NZ Test - Perth

2001 Second SA Test - Melbourne

2002 Second Eng Test - Adelaide

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