The Smith-Bullas Collection

Section of the registration of the 28th April, 1858 marriage of William Smith and Anne Bullas in "the house of Mr Bullas" at Little Bendigo in Ballarat.

William, aged 24 and a miner, signed the register whilst Anne, aged 22, simply made her mark.  Church of England Minister Rev C. Searle officiated.

Anne's stepmother, Elizabeth, nee Hammond, also makes her mark as a witness.  Elizabeth also is recorded as Anne's mother although Anne's true mother was her father David's first wife, Ann Hutchinson.

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William and Anne tie the knot!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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   Portion of a Railways Department 1885 map showing the location of the Smith farm and buildings, Smith's Creek, the route of the planned Daylesford to Ballarat line and the home of son William's future wife, Jane Tresise.

   Portion of a modern Daylesford tourist map showing the location of the Smith farm in East Street relative to the town centre.

   Section of William and Anne's son William's 1890 marriage registration showing father's and son's signatures and mother Anne's or sister Anne's signature also.

   Grandson Reginald Smith's WW1 enlistment recorded in The Daylesford Advocate.

    Reginald's departure from Daylesford for WW1 service.

    William and Anne's grave, Daylesford Cemetery.

   The inscriptions on William and Anne Smith's grave in the Daylesford Cemetery.  (There are two images on this page.)

   Son William's grave, Daylesford Cemetery.

   The Egerton Cemetery grave of Anne's nieces, Rosa and Elsie Bullas.

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