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Thomas Rix's Bible

This Bible, published in 1839, was presented to Thomas in late 1852 or very early in 1853 by members of his Wesleyan Methodist Class in Woolwich, England.

Part One of "A Memoir", published in Melbourne, Australia by the Wesleyan Methodist Church's 'The Spectator' on 19th June, 1891 following Thomas' death the previous year, reported that "Before leaving Old England he received several presentations which show the high esteem in which he was held.  One was a reference Bible and Wesley's hymns bound together...".

Other noteworthy parting presentations, according to the Memoir, were a gold-inlaid silver cigar-box, with a purse of fifty pounds, from Thomas' fellow directors of the Woolwich Consumers' Gas Company and a book on astronomy, from a friend, Edward Fairbrother.

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Thomas Rix's Bible

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  The inscription in Thomas Rix's Bible.

  Thomas Rix's Bible open at its collection of John Wesley's hymns, including the words of Thomas' five favourite hymns.

  The Rix family gravesite in the St Kilda Cemetery, Melbourne.

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