The Rix-Finch Collection


A collection of four images and nineteen related links arising from the lives of Thomas Rix (1813-1890) and his wife Mary Ann, nee Finch (1816-1896)

Thomas and Mary Ann were mid-nineteenth century English migrants to Australia. 

From Woolwich, Kent, they migrated to Geelong, Victoria before moving to Ballarat and then finally settling in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran.

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Internal Links of the Rix-Finch Collection

  Thomas Rix's Bible.

  The inscription in Thomas Rix's Bible.

  Thomas Rix's Bible open at its collection of John Wesley's hymns, including the words of Thomas' five favourite hymns.

  The Rix family gravesite in the St Kilda Cemetery, Melbourne.


External links 

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  1842 description of Norfolk, and map.

  Thomas' birthplace, Great Yarmouth  -  history, maps and modern information.

  Market town, Diss, where Thomas was apprenticed.

  Norfolk map, showing relationship of Diss to Great Yarmouth.

  1839 description of Kent, and map.

  St. Mary Magdalene Church of England, Woolwich, Kent, where Thomas and Mary Ann married in 1839.

  The Rix family, on the Passenger List of the 'Minerva'

  Geelong and Ballarat located in relationship to Melbourne, Map.

  Thomas Rix.  A Memoir,1891.

  Son Henry Finch Rix  -  (i)  bio-1  (ii)  bio-2  (iii)  author, and songwriter - 'Australia For Ever' (with words to 'Australians!  Rise and Federate!' on page 3)  (iv)  author (At the last link, which is the State Library of Victoria, simply enter 'Henry Rix' in the Search box for another list of his books.)

  Granddaughter Hilda Rix Nicholas  -  some of her work on the www:-  the book 'Hilda Rix Nicholas: Her Life and Art' by John Pigot, the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition Paris to Monaro, Pleasures from the studio of Hilda Rix Nicholas, and  the Mosman Art Gallery's exhibition Une Australienne : Hilda Rix Nicholas in Paris, Tangier and Sydney.

  International Genealogical Index, via FamilySearch.
(Details of Mary Ann's baptism, the marriage of her parents and the marriage of her maternal grandparents can be gleaned from the IGI.  So, also, can the details of Thomas' parents' marriage.)

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