Martyn Smith, writing about Wesley College

(September, 1980, for the 'The Chronicle' magazine)

Miss Lucy Bobbitt, resident Assistant Matron since July, 1969, commands unique perspectives of the Wesley College Boarding House. 

No other member of the recent Wesley community has lived within the school as long as she.  More significantly, though, no one else has observed at such close hand the changing nature of the House.

When Miss Bobbitt arrived, Adamson House encircled the hallowed Boarders' Quadrangle as it always had.  Since that time, she has seen the House disperse to the extremities - first to fully occupy the Punt Road building and, latterly, to be divided between the original "Toorak" and the leased "Kafore" in High Street.

In a decade of change, Miss Bobbitt has calmly, faithfully and compassionately served the multitude of people who have come within her ambit:-  an injured footballer from another school, a boarder ill in the early morning hours, the Housemaster with children to be "sat", sixth-formers waiting for the house-phone to ring with the invitation to come up for the cakes.  All will testify to her gentle care and her willing assistance.

And what of the laundry?  Can there be a greater service than arranging for the clothed cleanliness of ninety pre-adolescent or adolescent males?  Let alone keeping track of their linen!

All this, and more, cause those who have shared a part of their lives with Miss Bobbitt in the Wesley Boarding House to thank her with affectionate gratitude and respect.

With the closing of the House in 1980, Miss Bobbitt is contemplating becoming more closely associated with the healing ministry of the Christian Church and we wish her well. 

For Wesley, however, her historical and personal experience and insight bind her forever to its destiny, and Wesley is thankful. 

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