Wide-ranging reflections upon noted Australian K-12 school Wesley College, Melbourne
by long-serving teacher Martyn Smith





Martyn Smith

Wesley College former teacher, Martyn Smith

During the years before my retirement in July, 2002, I urged myself to place into one photo-copied publication an eclectic batch of my writings about Wesley College, Melbourne --  writings that had accumulated during my career at that 3500-student coeducational K-12 Australian independent school comprising three campuses, St Kilda Road, Glen Waverley and Elsternwick.

Good intentions, however, constantly crumbled into procrastination in the face of the manual compilation of such a collection. 

A website though!!  Now there was an opportunity!!

I had great fun gathering the material and creating this site.  It was good to re-discover the themes and viewpoints that I found in these thirty or so pieces. 

I offer them for any who may be interested.

The Contents page organises the pieces for you, giving the opening sentence or two from each one.  The audience of each piece is provided when you arrive at its page.

Any response you may have to any of the writing will be very welcome.  Simply come back here after reading and email me.

Best wishes,

Martyn Smith.


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Open Entry Enrolment

City Curriculum Project


Junior School



History and Philosophy

"The College is established for the charitable object of providing for students a holistic education of the highest quality, based upon the concepts of innovation and wisdom and a vision of timeless principles of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live with and learning to be, within the faith and unity of the Church."
Clause 3
Constitution of Wesley College, Melbourne

Glen Waverley Campus
   2006-2007   Teacher [casual], City Curriculum Project
   2004           Teacher [casual], City Curriculum Project
   2003           Acting Lay Chaplain [part-time]
   2000-2002   Head, Professional Development
   1997-2000   Head, City Curriculum Project
   1985-1997   Head, Junior School
   1979-1981   Secretary, Common Room Association
   1977-1985   Lay Chaplain

St Kilda Road Campus
   1974-1976   Boarding Housemaster
   1973           Year Nine Coordinator
   1972, July   Commenced teaching at Wesley


   1980-1986   Member, Council of Wesley College

   1978-1990   Wesley College parent
   2014-          Wesley College grandparent

   1956-1963   Wesley College student

James Waugh said ....

Rev J.S. Waugh presided over, and resided at, Wesley College from 1866 till April, 1884 - Wesley's first eighteen years.  His 11th January, 1866, Inaugural Address is a rich source of quotations proclaiming the philosophical foundations upon which the College is built.  One of these, in an updating series, appears here. "Everybody is saying educate, educate.  Now, let us take care that education be of the right kind, that it be conducted on right principles, and that it shall tend to the highest good.  To educate is, as the word implies, to draw forth, direct, discipline, and train the faculties and powers.  It is not only giving instruction and conferring accomplishments.  It is that, but it is more than that.  It has to deal with body and mind, and with heart and conscience."

Wesley College Coat of Arms

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