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Retirement of Beryl Cox

(November, 2001, for the Glen Waverley Campus Newsletter)

The Beryl Cox Health Centre was officially opened on Wednesday, 31 October, 2001 – All Hallows Eve.

Mrs Beryl Cox, described as one of Wesley’s ‘saints’ by Head of Professional Development Martyn Smith in his address at the opening, was Matron and Tuckshop Manager of the Glen Waverley Campus from the day it opened in 1966 till the end of 1991.

Mrs Cox – who, with her family, was present at the opening - has lived in a street opposite the Campus since 1958.  She commands a superbly unique chronological perspective of our school as well as a similarly priceless understanding gleaned as its most fundamental carer – a role she continued part-time till 1999.

As one wag was heard to say, “She fixed ‘em and fed ‘em!” for up to 33 years.

Gracious, calm and kind, as always, Mrs Cox responded with thanks for the honour bestowed upon her – an honour gladly and gratefully extended by the College on behalf of a generation and more of Wesley students, parents and teachers.

Related link
Retirement of Beryl Cox
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