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(November, 1995, to introduce Junior School Speech Night finale)

Once upon at time, at Wesley's western Campus, I taught middle to late teenagers Economics and Geography, English and History.  I also looked after those of them who lived at the school, in the old Adamson Boarding House.

Those students walked, usually, whenever they wanted to go somewhere on foot.

Then, I came to teach 9 to 13 year-olds here in the east, where, in those days, the entire Campus contained only the Junior School.

Pre-adolescent Junior School students rarely walk anywhere!  They run! 

I shall never forget the shock.  Short-trousered, half-sized bodies, dashing in all directions!


Pre-adolescents have got it. They are full of it!

They run it.  They jump it.  They climb it.  They swim it.  They dance it.  They skip it.

They have skipped it so much in our Junior School, that, in less than ten years, they have raised just a tiny bit under $50,000 for Australia's National Heart Foundation.  And they are glad to do it!  They see the point of working for a good cause.

You see, with that eager energy goes open-hearted and open-minded altruism.  Goodness and worthiness inspire them.

So here we see the growing pre-adolescent. 

Energetic and idealistic  --  just for the sake of it.  Willing, and ripely ready, to be part of the team.  To find themselves in the lives of others.

What a huge responsibility for us, their parents and teachers!  Will we make hay whilst this sun is shining? 

Students, teachers and families, to open 'Energy!' may I please present our brand new Jump Rope For Heart Demonstration Team, for their very first public performance.

Related links
Quiet Helpers
Overview of Pastoral Care in the Junior School at Glen Waverley
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