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(September, 1985, for the 'The Chronicle' magazine)

An article in 'The Lion' of December, 1977, said of Mr A.B. Conabere: "...he brings to the Junior School at Wesley his own empathy with spaciousness, beauty of environment and imaginative use of resources.  This, with an active mind which foresees the vast potential challenging the Wesley constituency at Waverley and a knowledgeable respect for the school's tradition, leads him to a firm commitment to the welfare and development of the school in the exciting years ahead now that the Council appears to have drawn a clear blue-print for Wesley's growth in the latter quarter of this century."  The article also stated he had "an enormous capacity for work."

Any observer looking back at the progress of the Glen Waverley Campus in the last nine years can see how the hand of the now-departing Head has guided the campus from a 400-strong boys' school for ten to fourteen year-olds to a school for over one thousand girls and boys ranging from five to sixteen years of age.

With the completion in Term Three of some additions to the already expanded music school and the graduation of 150 co-eds from Glen Waverley's Middle School to Prahran's Senior College, Mr. Conabere will see the Glen Waverley Campus reach a watershed of development.  For him, though, that will only provide greater motivation to move on to further  frontiers.

They will be found at Wesley's Prahran Campus.  At Glen Waverley, however, the achievements of nearly a decade of rapid and diverse growth will remain.

Personally, those years have seen the addition of Simeon to the family, leadership in the Australian Council of Educational Administration, a Master's degree in Business Administration, Chairmanship of the City of Waverley's Sesquicentennial Committee and twin V.F.L. Premierships for Essendon!

Quite obviously, though, his greatest achievement for Wesley has been the implementation and consolidation of co-education at Glen Waverley.  This has been his driving force.  Co-education has meant the opportunity to broaden the services Wesley may offer through its curriculum, extra-curricular activities, staffing and facilities to all students.  Mr Conabere has pursued these opportunities with vigour and distinction over nine years.

The blueprint hesitantly perceived by the 1977 writer was, and is, exciting.  Faithfully and strenuously, Mr. A.B. Conabere has made it manifest at Glen Waverley and moves to Prahran with the thanks and best wishes of staff, students and parents.

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Tony Conabere begins at Glen Waverley
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