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On the trains in India - 2001

A guaranteed place on the train

Our Names! Indian Railways.  by Luke Gillian
06/03/01 22:55:00

There is something inefficient about railways around the world that make passengers cringe and bus commuters thankful they aren't on the rails and Indian Railways, in more ways that one, typifies these inefficiencies. On the other hand there is one practice of Indian Railways that is not only unique to India, but instils all travellers that maybe there is some form of 'system' in this country.

All too often people wander about India stunned at how things work, the endless red tape and bureaucracies standing in the way of a harmonious and carefree visit and of course the legalities involved just to buy a railway ticket. In most cases, after hours in the ticket queue, each journey has a pleasurable commencement when to your delight, unsure if your train ticket is valid or if you are indeed about to board the correct train, scanning the lists pasted on the side of each carriage you find your name in nice and clear bold soothing letters.

"Marvellous!" is the usual reaction, and with utmost confidence you climb aboard knowing full well that when finding someone warming the seat, you'll have great pleasure thanking them for 'warming the seat' and get them to 'move along.' Many times in India you will say, "Only in India" and this is one classic example.

Dealt in


Cricket fans meet circulation fans

Training to Chennai
by Darren Moulds, 23/03/01 00:10:27
Security forces at the ground were far more concerned for our safety after the match than we were and did not allow us to leave the stadium until a good hour after the Indian victory. [ this story]

Travelling man

3rd ODI Indore
by Luke Gillian, 01/04/01 09:23:56
The day's highlight had to have been, as we walked to the stadium, watching an old lady with a wicker basket, scooping up cow-dung off the street with her hands. They weren't firm cowpats either.  [ this story]

In the stands in India

Fun in Mumbai & Nagpur

Bradman dies

Return to Mumbai, 2004




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