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In the stands, Delhi, Kolkata & Pune - 2001

Tour Game at Feroz Shah Kotla.  Where?  Delhi, somewhere!
by Luke Gillian, 09/03/01 22:55:55
Once again the tour game presented us passionate 'Wave Slaves' the opportunity to express our true hearts uninterrupted.  [ this story]

Everything to your satisfaction, sir?

Black with none thanks! by Luke Gillian
07/03/01 17:47:37

I have said it before, and I will say it again, tour games are civilised affairs.  They are laid back and welcoming for all concerned and this was the finest example of taking liberties.  Not only did we manage to avoid all security checks by talking our way into the ground without tickets, but we made it through the pavilion and up into the members reserve looking down the wicket.  It was brilliant. We were in shade, it was spacious and the members inviting.

One fellow came to ask if we were the gathering he saw in Mumbai 'Waving the Flag' for Australia and when responding in the affirmative, it was not five minutes later when the waiter arrived with our morning caffeine fix. This was very stylish I must say.  We were, comparatively with the members, dressed like sloths but it mattered not to any concerned so long as the coffee came without milk and not a grain of sugar in sight.  If only the test matches were as civilised!

"Go Tugga!  Go Dizzy!  Go Pidgee!"

Alone in the Garden of Eden
by Mark Smith, 19/03/01 09:23:51
"Go Tugga!  Go Dizzy!  Go Pidgee!"  [ this story]

Slow period in play!

2nd One Day International, Pune (Poona)
by Luke Gillian, 29/03/01 15:18:31
I don't think I have had a more boring day at the cricket.  There was very little to get enthused about and, even now, very little to write about.  [ this story]

On the Indian trains

Fun in Mumbai & Nagpur

Bradman dies

Return to Mumbai, 2004




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