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This page updated 29 March, 2010

First Families 2001 was a unique cultural, historical and genealogical online record of Australia funded by the State Library of Victoria to mark the Centenary of Federation.  Searchable by surname, it was a database of names and a collection of stories about people in Australia's past.  The database closed on 31 December 2001 following four years of data entry and editing.   It is no longer accessible online.

FF2001 webpages contained extensive information and stories about earliest family members known to have lived in Australia.  Such people were deemed to be 'first families'.

The directory below lists the parents of the first families of Martyn and Helen Smith, their son Mark and daughter Kirrily, who, with her husband Steve, has three young sons, Liam, Jamieson and Spencer ... all pictured below ... of Melbourne, Australia.

Each link goes to information derived from the original FF2001 webpage of the ancestors named. 

Additional collections of images and links exist for some ancestors.  To view any one of them, simply click where you see 'visit'.

Martyn's First Families

William Henry Smith - Blanche Bessy Martha Mary Brewer
paternal great grandparents

Cornelius Till - Catharine Sutherland
paternal great great grandparents

Henry Gardner - Caroline Smart
paternal great great grandparents

Donald Murray Robertson Coghill - Frances Elizabeth Rix
maternal great grandparents

Thomas Rix - Mary Ann Finch
maternal great great grandparents

.... visit The Rix-Finch Collection  (4 images and 19 related links)

Henry Ashburn - Jessie Eliza West
maternal great grandparents


Helen's First Families

David Bullas - Ann Hutchinson
paternal great great great grandparents

William Smith - Anne Bullas
paternal great great grandparents

.... visit The Smith-Bullas Collection  (12 images and 14 related links)

Richard Joseph Tresise - Dinah Pollard 
paternal great great grandparents

.... visit The Tresise-Pollard Collection  (19 images and 14 related links)

Thomas Hodge Olver - Mary Ann Strike
paternal great great great grandparents

Dominic Riccardo Bernasocchi - Bridget Mary Boyle
paternal great great grandparents

Lewis Sayce - Hannah Wilkins
maternal great great grandparents


Martyn and Helen

Liam, Spencer, Kirrily, Jamieson & Steve

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Kirrily's 'Creative Memories' homepage - digitally creating hard copy albums, posters and mementoes ...... Go!